Loraduino schematic, not allowed to access from wiki?

By paulg at 2018-04-19 • 0 collector • 1186 pageviews

I have some Loraduinos that I have just started to use.

The wiki will not let me access the schematic for the Loraduino :


Can anyone help me, or even just send me the file?



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2018-04-20   #1

Hi, please check the tracking info email, it embedds with the wiki login info for 2-3 months, then you can view all wiki info. 

Some wiki info is we collected but maybe not authroized (we collected a lot), to avoid troubles and also copy, we do in this way. 

Thank you and sorry for all the troubles.

2018-04-20   #2

If not received the email, please drop email to info@electrodragon.com.

2018-04-22   #3

As I cannot find out how to "auto notify by email" any topics on this forum, its only because I visited again I found your reply.

Have sent you an email.  I ordered these a (shocking) 6 months ago, only now got round to playing with them.

2018-04-25   #4

Hi, sorry this forum don't have notice function. 

Sorry for the wiki problem, if you have any help need you can put on here or write us email. We do best to help!Thanks.

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