esp-prog programming esp-01

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i want to use esp-prog to program esp-01

connection are:

esp-prog     esp-01

TX                 rx

RX                 tx

I00               i00

EN               RST (tryed also on CH_PD)

GND            GND

usb conn.    +V (external source)

                    CH-PD with pullup 10k

                    i02 to pullup 10k

communication speed is set to 115200

the blue light flash when i start to program

i try with program like esp8266flasher, inside visual studio (with visualmicro),ESPFlashDownloadTool_v3.6.4

when the green light flash, also on the esp01 flash the blue light


noone of this can program, what is the trick?


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We are not desginer of this, also not good at this :( Also only resell this. 

Please post the question to espressif forum here, or maybe their github put a new issue. 

Thank you.

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