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I am looking for devolper for this module:

I would like use it with our RGB LED lamp.


-  settings of controller should be set via internet browser

- function of setting start and end of lighting (gradually)

- possibility set power of each color from RGB LED light

- auto download update of new version of firmware 

Send me message if you are interested (you can connect you references, estimation of price and time). I am look forward hearing from you!

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2018-10-26   #1


1 and 2 can be done by software, we only work on hardware, can not help you with this, it is simple, should be easy to done it.

3. Yes, each channel of RGB are connectd to module each IOs, you can control each IO to do so, also very simple controlling work.

4. Sorry not sure about this, but you can google search this. It is possible but we don't really know this.

Thanks for interesting.

2019-06-04   #2

Hi...problem with the Arduino IDE is that it is quite some work to get all the libraries to the desired version and even then..
Did you try to create a portable install like I suggested earlier (was this thread???) with the libs dir from the ESPeasy sources in the lib dir of the portable install?
That way you'll have all the libraries at hand like they should work. All except for a very few like the Arduino ESP8266 core lib.

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