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Hello everyone,

I bought the ED20 gps tracker board. My use case is this: I want to install the unit one another device where it will be hidden and inaccessible by me afterwards. I will never again have the opportunity to reconfigure the device. So I need it to work as autonomously as possible.

So far I have the board up and running, sending data to a local server but I have a few questions:

(1) I need the board to start sending data as soon as it gets power, how would I do that? Holding down the power button (or pulling the PWR pin low I presume) while plugging in the USB connector seems to work but is it reliable in the long run or will it turn off or reset the unit at some point?

(2) I need the board to use a dynamic dns adress instead of an IP adress, is this possible (without reprogramming/reflashing)?

(3) Is it possible to lower the update frequency? It looks like the current settings are hammering the server a bit too often. The item I'm tracking is stationary mostly so I don't need updates like in a moving vehicle.

(4) If I need to flash new code, which is the default code base? There are tons of versions and it seems a bit unlclear to me.


(5) I tried to use setip to set a domain adress. It seems to have mucked up the entire setup. Serial Number is now some letters. When I try to change the SN via USB-SERIAL interface I get "Module Has set the SN, you do not have permission to change!!!" Tried with the SN on the chip, any number of variations, 11, 12 chars etc. I guess a reflash is now mandatory ...

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  1. The question is to elimate the push button action right? You can find the boot pin, and solder it to ground, then will auto start when power up. (also can de-solder the boot key, and short connect the boot pad and ground pad, also it acts like "always holding down the key")

  2. Not sure about this, probably can not work. 

  3. Yes, you can check the raw code, and find the updating frequency, our default code is demo only, so it is more frequent sending, which waste the power.

  4. The default code is based on V1.5 version, please look into this folder of the code.

  5. The point is you can NOT tick "/cr/lf" option on serial interface, if this add will create error onto board. Please untick this option and try again, it will work.

  6. We are bad at code, more detailed tuning please read the code and try by yourself. Thanks.

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Ok, thanks! I'm bad at code as well so at least we have that in common.

I shorted the boot key, and it seems to work. Just connecting the pwr pin to gnd did not.

Looking through documentation now and the code base that is in "M203C_OpenCPU_GS3_SDK_V1.5_epo". I have compile working and I found a function in the documentation called "Ql_IpHelper_GetIPByHostName" so I should be able to hack some code together that will translate a domain to an ip on the fly and ensure that the tracker remains working.

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Short connect boot pin to ground should work, please double check if you need.

Yes, good luck with the coding work, we can only provide very limit help on this. But any hardware questions please always let us know.

Thanks. Best regards,

2019-10-10   #4

Just a note to say that I managed to get the code working with a domain name. I it was all in the documentation of course but basically I set a domain name and send it in main.c:

u8*  m_SrvADDR = "test.domain.tld";

and then I had to change a few things in new_socket.c M203C_gprs_init and add:


and edit:


then find all occurances of AT+QIOPEN, AT+QICLOSE, AT+QISEND and remove the "curline" variable because it cant be used with a domain.

2019-10-18   #5

We used with IP address, it is working fine. Not tired with domain name, sorry not sure about this ..

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