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Just a note to say that I managed to get the code working with a domain name. I it was all in the documentation of course but basically I set a domain name and send it in main.c:

u8*  m_SrvADDR = "test.domain.tld"; res=M203C_tcpudp_conncet((u8)systemse
«  2019-10-10
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Ok, thanks! I'm bad at code as well so at least we have that in common.

I shorted the boot key, and it seems to work. Just connecting the pwr pin to gnd did not.

Looking through documentation now and the code base that is in "M203C_OpenCPU_GS3_SDK_V1.5_epo

«  2019-09-10
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Hello everyone,

I bought the ED20 gps tracker board. My use case is this: I want to install the unit one another device where it will be hidden and inaccessible by me afterwards. I will never again have the opportunity to reconfigure the device. So I need it to work as autonomou

«  2019-09-07
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