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Replied to topic  › Problems with Energy Monitor Shield R2.1

After much testing, i finally realized that the issue is powering the Uno from my laptop USB.

I was relying on the Serial print to display the current.

I used an arduino shield to spit out UDP and wireshark to read the data.

Disconnected USB line and powered from a seperate supp

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Replied to topic  › Problems with Energy Monitor Shield R2.1

I went back and measured the heater i was using. Its pulling 7-8 amps...

To be double sure, i wrapped the AC line around the sensor 4X, so thats ~32 amps.

The IRMS value changed from ~.2 to .8 ish when I tried A1, but there is soo much noise the signal is totally usel

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Replied to topic  › Problems with Energy Monitor Shield R2.1

Also, i tried 2 completely different sets of hardware with the exact same results, so i must be missing something. Also, i don't have anything else hooked up. No screens or ethernet shield or SD card or anything. Just the EMS shield, Uno, Sensor, and VDC supply to the Uno power input, and USB to

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Created topic  › Problems with Energy Monitor Shield R2.1

Hi All

I must be missing something simple.

I bought 2 EMS R2.1 and 2 Arduiono Uno boards for a project i have.

I also bought several of the 100A, 50maSCT013 clamp on current sensors.

I soldered pins onto the shield, stuck it on the uno and am trying to run

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