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Replied to topic  › Problem on atm328p Lora board

After investigation it appear that is the diod Mbr120 that it is burn out! The Mcp73831 is still working, I will replace the diod with a stronger one. May be has been burnout by a peak of current at startup.

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Created topic  › Problem on atm328p Lora board

Connecting a brand already charged Turnigy battery(3.5 v)may have damaged the Mcp73831 chip. Now the board work only if connect to an Fri adapter. This is because 3.5 volts is to low battery voltage?

Unfortunately I have repeated the operation and on another board I have same failure!

«  2018-04-09
Replied to topic  › Atmega328p LoRa Low power use!

Just a couple of suggestions for reducing power drain:

Power led drain about 1 mA ,it will be nice to have a way to disconnect it. Battery voltage is measured with a voltage divider with 2 10k resistors. This generate a continuous drain of about 0.2 mA . I suggest to use two resistor of 1

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Replied to topic  › Atmega328p LoRa Low power use!

Thanks, let me know, the board is ok for my project! I want to make a bulk order if I can reduce the power.... I can I get a quotation for 100 or 200 ?

«  2018-03-23
Created topic  › Atmega328p LoRa Low power use!

Hi I received few of these boards one week ago . Boards are good but documentation and examples are a little pour!

I am testing now the board in LowPower mode using LowPower.h and I am getting an 1mA minimum average consumption during sleep without the power led(2.5 mA with power led). I

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